Native Açaí is Consumers’ Choice 2021

NATIVE Açaí was evaluated by consumers and obtained the highest levels of satisfaction, purchase intention and recommendation, thus being elected for the 2nd consecutive year Brand nº1 Consumers’ Choice 2021, in the Frozen Fruits and Sorbets CATEGORY.

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10 Apr 2023

8 factors to consider when choosing the best açaí supplier

In recent years, açaí has been gaining a lot of popularity and there are several types of businesses in the restaurant area that already include this fruit in their menus. If this is also your case and you are looking for an acai supplier, then this article is just for you.

We have prepared some essential advice for choosing the best açaí supplier for your business. Include açaí on your menu and let your customers surrender to this superfood. Moreover, count on açaí lovers becoming new customers!


03 Apr 2023

Açaí, a super nutritious vegan superfood: find out how to include this fruit in your children's diet

Did you know that açaí is a superfood that contains important nutrients for child development? A versatile, delicious and super nutritious option that can be included in children's diet and consumed in several ways. Would you like to know which ones and have some ideas for inspiration?

In this article we will explore some of the benefits of acai on children's health and show you some fun ways to include this fruit in the diet of children in an easy, practical and, above all, healthy way.


13 Mar 2023

Discover 5 irresistible recipes with pitaya that you will (really) want to try

It's colorful, vibrant, nutritious, healthy and... irresistible. Can you imagine how many amazing recipes you can find with pitaya?

Pitaya is a very popular exotic fruit with exceptional characteristics, and a very healthy and complete ingredient that you should include in your diet.

Do you want to know why and also know some recipes with pitaya to use in your daily life? 

Find out everything in this article we prepared for you.


02 Mar 2023

Discover the benefits of pitaya and why you should include this superfood in your diet

Exotic, juicy, tasty and super nutritious. Do you already know the main benefits of pitaya?

Also known as dragon fruit, pitaya has been gaining popularity due to its unique characteristics, its nutritional richness and the different benefits that result from its regular consumption.

We've prepared an article where we'll tell you about this irreverent fruit, its properties and show you how you can include it in your diet.


07 Feb 2023

Native Açaí is the #1 Consumer's Choice Brand 2023

We started the year with one of the best news we could have. Native Açaí is, for the 4th consecutive year, awarded as Consumer's Choice 2023.

This recognition reinforces our commitment to providing our customers with products of the highest quality, always looking at sustainability as a fundamental pillar.