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These are the flavours we have for you

Original Açai

Organic Açaí with guaraná, made from açaí from the Amazon rain forest. We do not add colourings or preservatives.

Take it out of the freezer about 10 minutes before eating, to enjoy its creamy texture.

Available sizes:

  • 160ml;

  • 480ml.

Native Açaí Zero Sugar

Organic açaí with guaraná. Native Açaí Zero Sugar is only sweetened with stevia: we do not add sugar, colourings or preservatives.

Remove it from the freezer about 10 minutes before eating, to enjoy its creamy texture.

Available sizes:

  • 160ml

  • 480ml

Native Açaí with Banana

Organic açaí with guaraná and banana. To the taste of açaí with guaraná, we have added the nutritional properties of banana, for a powerful combination!

Remove it from the freezer about 10 minutes before eating, to enjoy its creamy texture.

Available sizes:

  • 160ml


Native Pitaya is made from premium pitaya pulp. Its pink colour is 100% natural: this product contains no colourings or preservatives. With a creamy texture, it is ready to consume straight from the glass or mixed with fruits and cereals.

Available sizes:

  • 160ml

Searching for ideas?

Do you want to discover new ways to enjoy the taste of Native Foods products? Creativity has no limits in our recipes. Delight yourself!


Cookies with açaí

A fun idea to do on the weekend and entertain the little ones!

Chia pudding with açaí

Chia puddings are all the rage! They’re easy to prepare, healthy, very satisfying and na alternative to toast or a mug of milk.

Açaí and mango smoothie

Fruit smoothies or shakes are a quick and practical way to consume more fruit, especially for those who don't have this habit.

Pancakes with caramelized apple and açaí

Pancakes are an alternative to a fun snack, ideal for the weekend when you have more family time.

Guava and açaí smoothie

Made from natural ingredients, smoothies are a good option for those looking for ideas for a healthy breakfast or snack.

Colorful and nutritious açaí bowl

For a quick, light and refreshing meal!

Overnight Oats with açaí

Overnight oats or "sleeping oatmeal" are a different and healthy meal alternative.

Açaí and mango ice cream

Take advantage of the hottest hours to prepare, along with the little ones, homemade açaí and mango ice cream.

Açaí caipirinha with passion fruit

A night with friends is the perfect setting to prepare some caipirinhas and toast to life.

Açaí crepes

Are you looking for an original drink? Prepare our delicious caipirinha recipe with Native Foods açaí and passion fruit.

Açaí and oat muffins

You can make it for breakfast, brunch or dessert!

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