Cookies Policy

What are cookies and are they for?

Cookies are small text files that a website, when visited by the user, puts in your computer or your mobile device through the internet browser). The use of cookies will help the website to recognize your device next time you visit the website.

The cookies used do not gather information that identifies the user. The cookies collect general information, namely the way the user reaches and uses the websites or the area of the country/countries through which they access the website, etc.

The cookies hold only information related to your preferences.

What cookies do we use in our website?

Session cookies: These are temporary cookies that remain in the cookies archive from the browser until the user leaves the webpage, so there will be no record in the user’s hard drive. The information collected by these cookies is used to analyze the traffic patterns of the website. At last, this allows us to improve the content and improve the use of the website.

Analysis cookies: Those cookies that, when well handled by us or a third party, allow us to quantify the number of users and to measure and analyze statistically how the users use the service provided. We examine the browsing of our website with the purpose of improving the supply of products or services that we offer.

Advertising cookies: Those cookies that, when well handled by us or a third party, allow us to manage more effectively the offer of advertising spaces that exist in the website, by analysing your browsing habits and showing you the advertising that matches your browsing profile.

Can I not allow the use of cookies?

All the internet browsers allow the user to accept, refuse or delete cookies through the browser settings.

If you choose not to allow cookies, you have the option to deactivate the cookies in the internet browser that you use, but you should know that doing so may prevent some web pages to be presented correctly.

At any moment, you have the option to set up your computer to:

  • Accept all the cookies

  • Be notified when a cookie is generated

  • Not to download any cookies

  • To get more information about the cookies and their use, please visit the following link: