Pitaya, a colourful and natural

What are the benefits of consuming pitaya?

Discover the benefits of this curious fruit, rich in Vitamin C, antioxidants, Omega 3 and 6 and a source of minerals.


Pitaya's benefits range from health to sustainability

The pitaya is the fruit of a cactus of the Cactaceae family, native to Mexico, Central and South America, but also now present in Asia. Being a cactus, it is able to tolerate extreme weather conditions and resist pests.

The growing interest in this superfood has developed agriculture in dry areas with poor soil, which otherwise would not be utilised or harnessed. Therefore, pitaya supports agricultural development and local growth in less favoured areas.

Although the pulp of the fruit is the main interest of this exploitation, the pitaya peel can also be used in a variety of ways. Its bright colour makes it a good source of natural dyes, with many uses. The flour, made from the husk, could become a substitute for fat in foods.

At Native, we choose fruit grown on sustainable plantations and support local communities.

Discover how you can consume pitaya


Straight from the cup

You can consume it plain, straight from the package. Don't forget to take it out of the freezer about 10 minutes beforehand, to ensure its creamy texture.


In smoothies and bowls

They are perfect for making bowls and smoothies. Add your favourite fruits and enjoy.


In your recipes

Imagination has no limits! You can add Native Foods to your favourite recipes or follow one of our suggestions and create tasty bowls, waffles or crepes.

Discover Pitaya Native Foods

Searching for ideas?

Do you want to discover new ways to enjoy the taste of Native Foods products? Creativity has no limits in our recipes. Delight yourself!


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Açaí and mango smoothie

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Pancakes with caramelized apple and açaí

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Colorful and nutritious açaí bowl

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Overnight Oats with açaí

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Açaí and mango ice cream

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Açaí caipirinha with passion fruit

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Açaí crepes

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Açaí and oat muffins

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